External Assessment of the Faculty’s research management

Over the past five years there have been significant changes in the research environment within the University. The Faculty has adapted to these changes and developed a growing and vibrant research culture. In particular the Faculty has been successful in lifting the quality of its publications as well as increasing its RHD load and completions. It is clear that many of the Faculty's research management strategies over the past few years have contributed to this improvement. However, there are a couple of areas where the Faculty needs to generate some success, namely winning competitive grant income and developing sustainable international research collaborations. It is therefore appropriate to consider, in the context of maintaining ongoing success with publications, whether any of our current strategies might need to be revised, and whether other strategies might need to be developed. To that end I have asked Professor Alan Johnson of Research Management Services International to provide advice concerning how best to progress the Faculty's future research activities.

Written submissions of up to 2 pages about specific issues relating to the Terms of Reference (circulated in an all-staff email on 17 June) may be submitted via the Assistant Dean Research Associate Professor Jim Jose, or if confidentiality is required, they can be submitted directly to Professor Alan Johnson. Copies of the Terms of Reference can be obtained from the Assistant Dean Research. Submissions are due by close of business Thursday 31 July.