NeW Space Update

The University of Newcastle has approved space-usage principles for the new home of the Faculty of Business and Law. Specific areas within the building have been set aside for academic and professional working space, with certain requirements.

As tenants in the new UON building, the Faculty has been engaged by the architects and project managers to discuss possible options for the working spaces that fit within the guidelines set by the University. The Faculty's NeW Space Project Reference Group met last week to discuss academic workspace specifically. This conversation will continue through the coming weeks as the space requirements are different from what academic staff are working in currently. The options the group is discussing refer to other university models as well as the specific task profiles of staff to determine space needs.

If any staff member would like to contribute their opinion, they are encouraged to contact a member of the NeW Space Project Reference Group. The latest updates from the next meeting will appear in the bulletin in a fortnight.