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Newcastle Law School is Australia’s leading clinical law school. Our distinctive Practice Program integrates the academic study of law with hands-on clinical experience and practical training. Students work with real clients under the supervision of legal practitioners at the University of Newcastle Legal Centre. They provide legal outreach clinics in our community, including our unique ‘Law on the Beach’ program. Our clinical program helps to ensure that our law graduates enjoy some of the best employment outcomes in Australia.

Law in Practice

Law in Practice

The LLB (Practice) Program is undertaken during the final 2 years of the law degree. Students in the program deal with real clients and their legal problems at the University of Newcastle Legal Centre (UNLC) and in externships.

Law on the Beach

Each summer the Legal Centre encourages Novocastrians needing legal advice to tap into the services they offer through Law on the Beach.

Public interest cases

In addition to free legal advice sessions and ongoing case support, the Legal Centre and Newcastle Law School take on major cases, which have significant public interest value. In each of these cases, the contributions made by our law students are instrumental to the work being completed.

Legal Centre

Legal Centre

The University of Newcastle Legal Centre (UNLC) is the centrepiece of the Newcastle Law School’s clinical program. Here students engage with the community and with legal professionals to develop practical skills in the application of the law.

Indigenous Early Entry

We offer Indigenous students the opportunity to gain early entry to our Law degree. Imagine having a guaranteed place in a Law program at University before beginning your final HSC exams.