Teaching in the Law School

At Newcastle Law School, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching. In particular, we are national leaders in clinical legal education: our students learn how to become lawyers by helping real people with real legal issues, under the supervision of the law school’s own solicitors. We also have Australia's leading team of academic and practitioner experts in dispute resolution. Effective lawyers require high-level skills in dispute resolution, since the overwhelming majority of legal disputes are not settled through adversarial processes. Many of our academic staff have also received national and university awards for excellence in teaching and legal education

Highlighted Teachers


Elena Aydos

Dr Elena Aydos

Program Convenor for the Master of Laws, Master of Environmental Law and Master of Human Resources and Law

Elena is transforming the discipline of Environmental Law in Newcastle. Her teaching is innovative, interdisciplinary and international. She is the coordinator of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on International Climate Change Law and Policy.

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Sher Campbell

Ms Sher Campbell

First Year Coordinator & Rural, Regional and Remote Coordinator

Sher’s teaching focuses on how to best support students transitioning into their first year of university studies. She takes a comprehensive approach to student-centered learning, underpinned by well-being strategies that engage the whole student.

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Tim Connor

Dr Tim Connor

Senior Lecturer

Tim has received national and university-level awards for teaching complex business law subjects in a way that engages and excites students, including students who initially expect to find his subjects dry and uninteresting.

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Bin Li

Dr Bin Li


Bin has extensive teaching experience in China and Australia, with consistently positive student feedback. He is happy to provide support to Chinese students to facilitate their learning in Newcastle.

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Katherine Lindsay

Ms Katherine Lindsay

Senior Lecturer

Katherine is a multiple award-winning teacher who seeks to inspire her students to engage deeply with case law and statutes.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the High Court and the Constitution.

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Shaun McCarthy

Mr Shaun McCarthy

Director, University of Newcastle Legal Centre

Shaun has received national and university-level awards for infusing a live client and experiential learning ethos into the study of law, enhancing students’ work-integrated skills as they transition to the workplace.

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Kevin Sobel-Read

Dr Kevin Sobel-Read

Deputy Dean, Director of Teaching and Learning

Kevin has extensive experience teaching about law, culture and intersections between the two. With a background in legal practice, he engages theory with on-the-ground reality, making his courses dynamic, accessible and relevant to students.

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Tania Sourdin

Professor Tania Sourdin

Dean and Head of School

Tania is an international expert on dispute resolution whose teaching focuses on integrating small group activities with process and theoretical learning components. More than 95% of students assess her teaching as "excellent."

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