University of Newcastle Legal Centre Now Providing Legal Advice to Students at Sydney Campus

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

University students in Sydney now have access to the University of Newcastle Legal Centers expertise.

The University of Newcastle Legal Centre (UNLC) has recently extended its service to include the provision of legal advice to the University's Sydney based students. While the service has for many years successfully catered to students and members of the public who are prepared to visit the UNLC in person, there became an awareness of a need to offer a similar but more accessible service to the University's growing Sydney based student population.

"With a large international contingent, this service is an important initiative as it provides our Sydney based students the opportunity to obtain legal advice on many areas of Australian Law which may be unfamiliar. These include tenancy and employment rights, discrimination and harassment, consumer protection, crime, debt and health care." - Daniel Matas (Solicitor and Clinical lecturer, University of Newcastle Legal Centre)

The process involves students initially being interviewed by law students who after obtaining instructions consult one of the centre's lawyers who then provide the student client advice on their particular matter. The service operates remotely by video conference and bookings should be made by contacting reception at the Bathurst Street Campus in Sydney on 02 82626400 during office hours.

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