David Kelly joins the Newcastle Law School

Monday, 6 January 2014

The Newcastle Law School is pleased to announce the appointment of David Kelly as a Conjoint Professor

David's appointment will bring to the Law School his extensive experience as a former Member of the Australian Law Reform Commission, former Professor Law at Adelaide University, former Secretary of the Law (Attorney-General's) Department of the Victorian Government, and former Chairman of the Victorian Law Reform Commission.

David was an outstanding teacher and researcher at Adelaide University. At the Australian Law Reform Commission, he led the pioneering, successful work on the reform of debt recovery and insurance law in Australia. He developed an international reputation at the Victorian Law Reform Commission in connection with its outstanding work on plain English in legislative drafting. He subsequently drafted numerous complex legal documents in plain English for a leading law firm. He is the author of numerous articles and books on a wide range of legal subjects, including the major Lexis-Nexis publication, Principles of Insurance Law in Australia and New Zealand (his co-author being the Honourable Justice Michael Ball, of the Supreme Court of NSW).

David, along with Professors Fred Ellinghaus and Ted Wright, is a member of the Newcastle Law School research team that is drafting an Australian code of the general principles of contract law.

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