NLS Academic Staff

Teaching: Glen’s teaching includes Property Law and Equity and Trusts. Glen employs a Socratic approach to teaching and learning, which emphasises rhetoric, analytical thinking, spontaneous questioning, and group problem solvation. He also stresses the importance time-honoured skills such as critical reading and mindful listening. Read more

Research: Glen’s research interests include secessionist-self-determination, equitable priorities, the Trendtex principle, and fiduciary obligations. Read more
ANDERSON, John (Associate Professor)

Teaching: John’s courses include Evidence and Criminal Law & Procedure. He uses experiential and group methods of learning including mock trials, role plays and interactive problem-based analysis and resolution. Read more

Research: John’s research interests include criminal justice, sentencing, restorative practices and elder abuse. Read more
ANTONS, Christoph (Professor)

Teaching: Christoph teaches Law and Society in Asia. He discusses Asian legal systems in the context of Asian models of development, drawing on legal writings as well as insights and literature from neighbouring disciplines, such as history, political science, sociology, anthropology and economics. Read more

Research: Christoph has research interests in intellectual property law, law and society, comparative law, environmental and natural resources law, legal history and human rights. Read more

Teaching: Ann’s subjects include Contracts, and Co-operative Law and Governance. She uses a legal problem solving approach to learning with lots of encouragement and informal discussion.. Read more

Research: Ann researches law and economics, democracy, co-operatives and community activism.. Read more
AYDOS, Elena (Dr)

Teaching: Elena’s subjects include Environmental Law and Law and Economics of Climate Change. She is a leader and an enthusiast of intensive teaching and innovative online teaching resources. Read more

Research: Elena’s research interests include climate change law and policy.. Read more
BREUSCH, SarahTeaching: Sarah is a solicitor within the Legal Centre, teaching the Professional Skills and Wills and Estate Practice modules.  She enjoys sharing the live client experience with students
BOULLE, Laurence (Professor)Research: Laurence's research interests include Alternative Dispute Resolution, mediation, negotiation; influences of cognitive psychology and neuro-science in dispute resolution; legal and mediation ethics; international dispute resolution and foreign investment and trade disputes.

Teaching: Sher teaches Legal System and Method, the first course law students enroll in at the Law School. Sher focuses on transition pedagogy and supports first year students transition from all walks of life into university. Read more

Research: Sher's research interests include domestic violence, clinical legal education. Sher is part of a team developing a domestic violence app for male perpetrators called ‘Bernie’. Read more

CONNOR, Timothy (Dr)

Teaching: Tim’s subjects include Company Law and Corporate Power and Corporate Accountability.. He uses interactive games and discussion of current events to ensure his classes are engaging.. Read more

Research: Tim’s research interests include corporate accountability and corporate governance.. Read more
FOSTER, Neil (Associate Professor)

Teaching: Neil teaches Torts, Law & Religion, Workplace Health & Safety Law, and occasionally Property. Students like his class notes. He is obsessive about using recent cases & statutes. Read more

Research: Neil writes and sometimes blogs on Torts, Law & Religion, Workplace Health and Safety Law. Read more
HUGHES, Julie Solicitor - UNLC
LI, Bin (Dr)

Teaching: Bin’s subjects include Alternative Dispute Resolution and Public International Law. He uses role play exercises and discussion of current events to enhance students’ teaching and learning experience.. Read more

Research: Bin’s research interests include dispute resolution and space law.. Read more
LINDSAY, Katherine

Teaching: Katherine’s subjects include Constitutional Law and Legal History.   She has a long history of supporting first year students in developing case analysis and statutory interpretation skills.. Read more

Research: Katherine’s research interests include legal biography and Constitutional Law.. Read more

Teaching: Amy’s courses include Public International Law, International Human Rights Law and Indigenous Peoples, Issues and the Law. She is committed to the teaching of law in context and for social justice. Read more

Research: Amy conducts research in public international law, focusing on human rights issues. Read more
MATAS, Daniel Solicitor - UNLC

Teaching: Rita teaches Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law, Foundations of Law and Torts Law. In her teaching she combines online and interactive face-to-face teaching and focuses on problem based scenarios. Rita pays particular attention to practical skills that students will need in their professional life, being it private legal practice, policy making in government institutions or legal job in the private sector. Read more

Research: Rita researches copyright law, legal regulation of creative industries and cultural heritage, as well as intersection of intellectual property and private international law. Read more

Teaching: Shaun teaches Professional Conduct, Public Interest Advocacy and clinical legal education courses in the Law School’s Practice Program.  He infuses live client and experiential learning into these courses.. Read more

Research: Shaun researches in ehealth records, elder financial abuse and youth offending.. Read more
McLOUGHLIN Kcasey (Dr)

Teaching: Kcasey teaches Family Law, Legal System and Method, Competitive Mooting and Equal Opportunity Law. Kcasey’s teaching examines the relationship between the theory and practice of law by integrating critical, practical and experiential learning activities into her courses. Read more

Research: Kcasey conducts research in Feminist Jurisprudence; Feminist Legal and Political Theory; Gender; Women; Gender & the Judiciary; Family Law; and Australian Federal Constitutional Law. Read more
ROSS, Nicola (Dr)

Teaching: Nicola’s subjects include Family Law and Child Law. Nicola’s use of real legal problems, interdisciplinary approaches, research, videos and guest speakers ensures her courses are relevant and engaging. Read more

Research: Nicola’s research encompasses children’s and parents’ participation in legal proceedings; and child protection. Read more

SOBEL-READ, Kevin (Dr)

Teaching: Kevin’s subjects include Contracts and Commercial Law. He engages theory with on-the-ground reality, making his courses dynamic, accessible and relevant. Read more

Research: Kevin’s research interests link and encompass contracts, global value chains and sovereignty. Read more
SOURDIN, Tania (Professor) Dean and Head of School

Teaching: A diverse range of areas including mediation, dispute resolution, litigation and technology and the law. Tania’s teaching features intensive interactive workshops. Read more

Research: Tania conducts research in justice innovation, technology and law, court processes, dispute resolution, self represented litigants, mediation, negotiation, and restorative justice. Read more
SVENSON, Jacquie
Teaching: Jacquie’s subjects include Natural Resources & Environmental Law Clinic, Civil Procedure, and Employment & Industrial Practice. Her class content is fun and engaging, drawing strongly on current and past cases in her law practice.. Read more

Research: Jacquie’s research interests include public interest environmental litigation and feminist legal theory.. Read more
TOMKINS, David (Dr)

Teaching: David’s subjects include Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Jurisprudence. His classes are engaging and intellectually stimulating, combining the best of theory and practice. Read more

Research: David’s research interests include constitutional law and theory, administrative law and jurisprudence. Read more
TOOHEY, Dan Legal Practitioner/Clinical Advisor - UNLC
TOOHEY, Lisa (Professor)

Research: Lisa's research interests include International trade law, law in the Asian region, international dispute settlement, dispute resolution, mediation, and civil justice. Read more