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Know The Law App

Connecting International Students with the Law

Staff and students at the University of Newcastle Legal Centre (UNLC) are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the law and helping others to understand and access the justice system.

Since 2010 penultimate and final year Law students have been involved in delivering legal information seminars to international students, who often have very little knowledge about our legal system and their rights under Australian law. However many students had already encountered some of the issues being discussed, particularly surrounding tenancy.

In response to this, with the help of SSAF funding, the UNLC developed the KNOW THE LAW APP to provide international students with a single platform through which they are able to easily reference Australian legal information. Students can conveniently access the link at any time and immediately find information relating to five key areas: Managing Credit & Debt; Driving in NSW; Working in NSW; Moving to NSW; Police Powers & Fines in NSW; and Tenancy in NSW.

The KNOW THE LAW APP is now live! Be sure to check it out.