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Newcastle Business School

Professor Morris Altman


Observing and analysing ordinary human life from multiple angles, Professor Morris Altman is seeking to help explain and predict economic decision-making in the 21st century.

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Dr Anthea Bill

Lead Economist

Anthea has over 15 years qualitative and quantitative research experience working in academic, commercial consultancy and government contexts and is responsible for delivering the Centre's economic indicators program in the Hunter and Upper Hunter.

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Associate Professor Brendan Boyle

International Business

Associate Professor Brendan Boyle specialises in the areas of international human resource management, the management of multinational corporations and international business strategy.

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Associate Professor Jamie Carlson


Recognising ongoing success in the service sectors as fundamental to securing Australia’s prosperity and standard of living, Dr Jamie Carlson is working with firms to aid the design and delivery of compelling consumption experiences that creates value for customers and firms.

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Professor Abul Shamsuddin

Head of the Accounting & Finance Discipline

Abul Shamsuddin is Professor of Finance and Head of the Accounting & Finance Discipline at the University of Newcastle. He received his Masters and PhD from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

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Associate Professor Hao Tan

International Business

Dr Hao Tan's international business research is looking to satisfy intrigue about the energy system powering the world's largest developing economy, as he provides information and insight into the industrial dynamics in China's energy sector and their implications to global business and economics.

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Dr Tamara Young

Senior lecturer

Dr Tamara Young is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism in the Newcastle Business School. Her research is in the multidisciplinary field of tourism studies, with a particular emphasis on critical tourism theory and cultural research methodologies.

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