Faculty of Business and LawFaculty of Business and Law

NBS Professional Staff

Green, Bronwyn School Executive Officer (City) 492 15996 Bronwyn.Green@newcastle.edu.au
Norquay-Evans, Heather Team Leader
(City and Ourimbah)
492 17103 Heather.Norquayevans@newcastle.edu.au
Chester, Matthew Team Leader (City and Sydney) 492 17018 Matthew.Chester@newcastle.edu.au
Elliott, Sue Team Leader (City)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
492 16473 Sue.Elliott@newcastle.edu.au
Buchanan, Noelene

Administrative Assistant (Ourimbah)
Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays

434 94453 Noelene.Buchanan@newcastle.edu.au
Dollard, Gillian Personal Assistant to the Dean (City)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
492 17987 PA-HOSNBS
Hicks, Debby Administrative Officer (City) 492 15686 Debby.Hicks@newcastle.edu.au
O'Reilly, Dominica

Administrative Officer (City)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

492 12031 Dominica.Oreilly@newcastle.edu.au
Seamer, Cath

Administrative Assistance (Ourimbah)
Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays

492 15511Catherine.Seamer@newcastle.edu.au
Sobb, Kate

Administrative Assistant (City)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays

492 54310 Kate.Sobb@newcastle.edu.au
Steyne, Robert Administrative Assistant (Sydney) 826 26432 Robert.Steyne@newcastle.edu.au
Williams, Liz Administrative Assistant (City) 492 15066 Elizabeth.Williams@newcastle.edu.au