The Tourism Discipline in the Newcastle Business School actively engages in research and teaching in a number of areas, including tourism management, sports management, events, and hospitality. Academics in the Discipline are committed to sustainability as a concept, practice, and guiding principle through high quality research. Each individual works closely with industry and the wider community to enhance community resiliency through conducting research, facilitating learning, building new knowledge, solving complex problems, and improving practice. The Discipline as a whole also engages industry in creating and servicing more vibrant and sustainable communities.

The Tourism Discipline is a nationally award winning group as recognised by a Tourism Training Australia National Award in 2010. Sustainability is embedded in the courses that underpin the majors of Tourism Management and Sports Management in the Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Science degrees. Tourism and Sports Management courses are designed to nurture global citizenry and cultural learning, and outbound mobility programs, which also ensure that our graduates are well prepared to work in the global leisure, tourism, and sport industries. These courses are taught at our Newcastle and Central Coast campuses.

Tourism Academics

Po-Hsin Lai(02) 4921 6787
Anne Buchmann(02) 4921 7234
Patti Johnson(02) 4921 5546
Paul Stolk(02) 4921 7729
Tamara Young(02) 4921 5804