International Business is designed to provide students with knowledge of the policy and institutional frameworks influencing the emerging global economy and their effect on international trade and investment. Study in this area aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop strategies for the management and growth of international business organisations within a global economic framework.

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International Business Academics

Brendan Boyle(02) 4921 5014
Stephen Chen(02) 4921 6748
Hao Tan(02) 4921 6748
Tony Drew(02) 4921 2099
Siggi Gudergan(02) 4921 4045
Nidthida Lin(02) 8262 6402
Karen Tian(02) 4921 5981
Judith Zhu(02) 8262 6418

Management encompasses the study areas of Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Theory. Our Management courses are designed in consultation with industry professionals, and informed by leading researchers, ensuring graduates are well equipped to meet emerging and global management challenges. This connection with industry professionals and informed researchers provides the opportunity for lecturers in organisational studies to sustain a problem-based teaching and learning environment.

Logistics and supply chain management focuses on the principles of managing a supply chain in an enterprise (business or not-for-profit). Students gain an understanding of key factors affecting the operations in a supply chain and are eventually able to both analyse and design supply chain processes. At present, this area of study is in high demand by employers, as many industries require graduates with both specific logistics and supply chain management knowledge and the general transferable skills gained within the Bachelor of Business.

Discipline Academics

David Cunneen(02) 4348 4143
Martin Fitzgerald(02) 4348 4096
Garry Haworth (02) 4921 5021
James Hunt(02) 4921 5612
Nimay Kalyani(02) 4921 7317
Graham Lucas(02) 4913 851
Courtney Molloy(02) 4349 4594
Daniel Nyberg(02) 49217923
Richard Oloruntoba(02) 4921 7114
Suzanne Ryan(02) 4921 874
Annika Westrenius(02) 4348 4610
Robert Zinko(02) 4921 8727