NeW Space Trading Room

The Faculty of Business and Law is committed to providing students with hands-on, industry-standard learning opportunities that provide a clear pathway into a career. Building upon the Business School’s new state of the art Newcastle CBD campus location, we are developing a simulated financial trading environment for students studying in the areas of finance, decision making, business analytics and corporate governance.

The opening of a Financial Trading Room in NeW Space underpins the proposed creation of a Newcastle Business School Student Managed Investment Fund, where donors, students, academics and industry experts can come together to provide student scholarships and demonstrate the power of effective decision making in a financial market environment.

The Financial Trading Room’s integration into the curriculum for finance courses strengthens the decision making learning outcomes in undergraduate and postgraduate finance programs; enables deeper engagement with the finance and banking sector; supports broader financial literacy training opportunities with the community; facilitates the growth of research in the Finance area; and aligns with the international accreditation requirements and standards for Business Schools in both the US and Europe.