The University of Newcastle, Australia

Current university students

We are inviting all women (undergraduate and postgraduate) studying commerce, business, innovation or law to participate in the Empower Network.

In a change from previous years, you are able to remain in the Network for the duration of your degree, meaning throughout your time at university the network will provide the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and be an ongoing source of information and support.

The Network also provides the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, by sharing your experiences with young women in high school.

Why participate in the Empower Network?

You will benefit from:

  • Connections with industry professionals at all stages of their career;
  • Exposure to professional networks;
  • A greater understanding of the work environment;
  • Being guided, and given direction in career development; and
  • Developing your own leadership skills as you interact with high school students.

As a University Student member of the EMPOWER Network you have the option to:

  • Attend the Empower Network events (up to four per year) that are designed to provide a platform for connection with university students and other industry professionals. We aim for these events to create the opportunity for informal connections to be made, either through coffee catch ups, shadowing, or a workplace visit.
  • Provide a profile for the Empower social network and participate in the social network (consisting of high school and university students and other industry professionals).
  • Participate in the schools component of the program  
    • Visit a school to speak to class groups related to your area of study (Business studies/ Legal Studies/ Commerce) and work with the university to develop suitable content for these presentations.
    • Attend a university event where you would be asked to speak or be a tour guide, sharing your experiences with High School students.

*Please note: you will be advised of the dates and will have the option based on availability to accept or decline.


Empower was an incredibly positive experience for me. Prior to undertaking this program, I was nervous about eventually having to enter a law-firm. I had this idea that it would be isolating, lonely, and highly mechanical without much interaction between colleagues.

My time with Felicity from Rankin Ellison Lawyers was eye opening as I realised that a law-firm environment is actually a supportive space where all members of staff work together to ensure a quality job is done, with a bit of fun along the way.

This experience also taught me that women can succeed in the workplace whilst still balancing family commitments, in other words we can have it all.

Being part of the Empower program realised all my expectations and more! It was more like having a big sister who had walked a similar path and I had the opportunity to ask professional and personal questions, ideas on work-life balance, what gaps I had in bridging my current skills to be work ready and overall advice she could give me to help boost my confidence.

On completion it left me feeling enthusiastic in the degree I am undertaking and grateful for the opportunities it has presented.

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