The University of Newcastle, Australia

Program background

During the past decade, there has been a significant upward trend in the attainment of a Bachelor or higher degree for women, and a substantial increase in the participation of women in the workplace. Despite this, female employees still experience an inequality of outcomes. Recent research published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, shows that women still earn less than men, and are less likely to advance to higher management positions than men. A still-present corporate culture that fails to support women leaders is one contributing factor.

Lucy Mentoring Program

For the last 12 years, the Faculty of Business and Law has delivered the ‘LUCY’ Mentoring Program, an innovative leadership program that matched business, commerce and law women student mentees with mentors working within the business and law professions. The EMPOWER Network builds on the foundations laid by LUCY and extends the concept into high schools. The benefits are two-fold; University students further enhance their leadership skills as they learn from others and share their experiences. High school students benefit from the opportunity to increase their networks through the connections with university students and industry professionals.