Call for Scholarly Presentations, Artistic Responses and Performances

The CALL FOR PAPERS for the Narratives of Climate Change Symposium has been extended. Proposals for abstracts, papers, art and performances can be submitted until March 31st 2018.

In addition to standard scholarly presentations, panel discussions and break-out groups, we also envisage artistic responses and performances of all kind, including dance, music and multimedia, presented in the context of explaining and accepting that we cannot distance ourselves from the causes and effects of climate change. Our concept of identity is fluid in the face of climate change. As Timothy Morton has written, the detective is also the culprit. We are the unreliable narrator of our own climate change dystopian nightmare. We are also the victims; the ivory tower cannot protect us from the rising tide of climate change impacts.

We invite participants to interpret the topics of the Symposium in the broadest sense. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Narratives of Climate Justice
  • Narratives of Activism and Climate Change
  • Narratives of Climate Science
  • Storytelling and Climate Change

How to Submit your Abstract

Format & Style:
File type:
Submit in Microsoft Word.
Word count: Should not exceed 400 words.
Font and formatting: Times New Roman 11pt; double spacing.
Content: For scholarly presentations, do not include figures, tables, footnotes, endnotes or other references. For artistic responses and performances, please describe the nature and content with as much detail as possible.

Submit your abstract to the following email:

We look forward to receiving your Abstract and, if you have any questions please contact us.