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The CCIS symposium initiated by Tom Chen and Alison Dean was first held in the Hunter Valley in 2013. The event was sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle. Prof. Christian Gronroos, the world's leading scholar in service research, facilitated the inaugural event.

In 2014, the inaugural Customer Engagement workshop was held at the University of Adelaide Business School and co-chaired by Jodie Conduit and Rod Brodie.

Following this, two consecutive special sessions on co-creation and customer engagement were held at ANZMAC 2014 and the conversation continued. The overwhelming responses lead to a convergent dialogue on co-creation and customer engagement.

In 2015, the idea to bring these symposia together and the CCIS-CE 2015 symposium is jointly sponsored by the University of Adelaide and the University of Newcastle. Planning for the CCIS-CE 2016 is also underway, sponsored by a consortium of four universities, taking the event to a European audience.

The symposium's mission is to foster thought leadership on service research that informs co-creation and engagement practices for betterment of the individual, society and the environment. To sustain engaged experiences, we continue to seek co-creative partners to fulfil our mission.