Call for Papers

The central theme for the ICA-CCR-AP-2019 is the contribution that co-operation and knowledge sharing among co-operatives and mutuals in the Asia-Pacific region can make towards a flourishing and sustainable future. Co-operation among co-operatives within national boundaries usually occurs through initiatives organised by second and third tier co-operative federations and associations, but there are new opportunities to build and strengthen the regional Asia-Pacific co-operative movement. These new opportunities include:

  • co-operation among co-operatives in international supply chains;
  • the networking of agricultural co-operatives;
  • the development and sharing of digital co-operative platforms;
  • multi-stakeholder co-operatives;
  • the potential for data–co-operatives to protect Indigenous and farmer knowledge from exploitation; and new methods of fund raising for co-operative development consistent with co-operative principles.

This conference will bring together researchers who are interested in the role that co-operatives and mutuals can play in securing a flourishing sustainable future for our communities. Under this overarching theme, potential topics for research papers include (but are not limited to):

  1. Innovative models for the promotion of co-operation amongst co-operatives
  2. Co-operatives and the empowerment of women
  3. Co-operatives as an engine of economic growth
  4. Legal and institutional parameters and development of co-operatives and mutuals
  5. Education and training for co-operatives in the Asian Pacific
  6. The role of mutuals and multi stakeholder co-operatives in the delivery of health and public services
  7. Credit unions, building societies and mutual banks and co-operative capital
  8. Co-operative solutions to the provision of renewable energy
  9. Co-operative solutions to the provision of affordable housing
  10. Platform co-operativism and open source organisational development
  11. Co-operative solutions to data exploitation and redefining intellectual property.
  12. Co-operatives and block chain solutions to supply chain problems
  13. Indigenous co-operatives supporting indigenous communities
  14. Worker co-operatives and the protection of decent work
  15. Theories underlying co-operative success
  16. When and why have co-operatives fail—is this inevitable?

We hope that you will join us to showcase the rich diversity of co-operative research in the Asian Pacific region and help us to facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas, surprises and new networks and connections for a flourishing and sustainable co-operative future.

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