Greg Patmore

Greg Patmore is Emeritus Professor of Business and Labour History and Chair of the Business and Labour History Group and the Co-operative Research Group (CRG) in the School of Business, The University of Sydney. He also chairs the advisory committee of the Chambers Research Collection on the Burren St. campus. He served from 2012 to 2019 on the Steering Committee of the New Global 300 Initiative of the International Co-operative Alliance, which mapped the impact of co-operatives internationally. In 2016 with Nikola Balnave (Macquarie University) and Olivera Marjanovic (UTS) he obtained a three-year ARC Discovery Grant to explore the long-term growth, decline and revival of co-operatives in Australia. He is writing under contract with the publisher Routledge a history of the Berkeley Co-operative in California, which was the largest consumer co-operative in North America. His recent publications include Worker Voice (The University of Liverpool Press), which examined schemes for worker voice at the plant level in Australia, Canada, Germany, the US and the UK in the inter-war period, a co-authored history of the regional health insurer Westfund (Federation Press), a co-edited global history of consumer co-operatives (Brill), a co-edited book on USA and Australia comparative labour history (University of Illinois Press), a co-authored global history of co-operatives (Routledge),  and a co-edited comparative study of Australian and Italian co-operatives (University of Florence Press).