Faculty of Business and LawFaculty of Business and Law

Learning and teaching

By promoting student-centred learning, we encourage our students to be active collaborators, testing their ideas with both teachers and fellow students. We expect our students to be risk-takers, continuously contesting ideas and questioning conventional wisdom.

Our courses and degree programs cater for our students' different learning styles, offering flexibility for both individual and group study.

Graduate attributes

Students construct a strong disciplinary knowledge and skill base, blended with generic skills and personal attributes. This enables them to confidently and successfully enter their profession and facilitate their committed engagement within the local and global community.

We expect students to develop competencies that demonstrate:

  • Personal and Professional Integrity
  • Applied Knowledge and Skill Base
  • Social and Global Perspectives
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Inquiry and Innovation.

Academic honesty and ethical behaviour

We require our students and staff to uphold the highest levels of academic integrity during their studies and to display high ethical standards during their life at work.

Global citizenship

We prepare our students for global citizenship and encourage our students to make a difference in their professional lives, both in Australia and internationally. Our curriculum is international in focus and challenges our students to understand and question the global economy and society of which they are part. We expect our students to form views about the socio-legal-business institutions in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region and to critically question the operation of those institutions.

Valuing diversity

We celebrate our diversity, which is reflected in students and staff from different countries, cultures, ethnicities, value systems, ages, life experiences and socio-economic status. By valuing the diversity of our students, we create a unique and distinctive learning environment.

Student support and activities

The Faculty provides student support and encourages student-led organisations. The variety of student clubs and societies offers a rich experience to students that complements their study, contributes to a vibrant on-campus life, enhances their attributes and builds a complete student experience. See information on student support services.


The Faculty has many resources for staff to assist them with the preparation and finalisation of their courses. The resources can be viewed on the Learning and teaching page under Resources for Staff and Resources for Students.