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October – November 2013 A*/A Journal Publications

The following papers by staff in the Faculty of Business and Law have been accepted recently for publication in A & A* journals

Anderson, J. and Murphy, B. (Forthcoming 2014) 'After the Serpent Beguiled me: Entrapment and Sentencing in Australia and Canada'. Queen's Law Journal. (ERA rank: A). Acceptance date:  26 November 2013.

Baxter, S.M. and Lowrey, T.M. (2014) 'Examining Children's Preference for Phonetically Manipulated Brand Names across Two English Accent Groups'. International Journal of Research in Marketing. Vol. 31(1) (ABDC rank:  A*). Acceptance date:  29 October 2013.

Dean, A., Pires, G. and Rehman, M. (Forthcoming) 'Towards a Conceptual Model of Consumer Participation in Exchange: Considering the Service Logic of Marketing'. Journal of Business Research.  (ERA and ABDC rank:  A). Acceptance date: July 2013.

Johnson, P.C. (Forthcoming) 'Cultural Literacy, Cosmopolitanism and Tourism Research'. Annals of Tourism. (ERA and ABDC rank:  A*). Acceptance date: 5 September 2013.

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