Faculty Heat of the Three Minute Thesis

The Faculty heat for the annual Three Minute Thesis Competition was held on Thursday 22 May. Both Schools were represented with four PhD students from Law and three from Business. Not only was the standard excellent, but each student made a compelling case for the importance of their research.


Kerryn Brent – PhD (Law) candidate

Akshaya Kamalnath – PhD (Law) candidate

Abdullah Al Mamun – PhD (Management) candidate

Garry O'Dell – PhD (Leisure & Tourism) candidate

Jessica O'Neil – PhD (Politics) candidate

Eliezer Sanchez-Lasaballett – PhD (Law) candidate

Katherine Watson – PhD (Law) candidate

Following a lengthy deliberation, the judges announced Kerryn Brent as winner (for the second year in a row) and Akshaya Kalmanath as runner-up in the heat. As winner, Kerryn received $500 and Akshaya, received $150 as runner-up. All participants received a $25 book voucher. The judges further decided that Jessica O'Neil and Katherine Watson will join Kerryn and Akshaya in representing the Faculty at the University's grand final 3MT on 23 July 2014.