Achieving a Research Culture

The Faculty has worked hard in recent years to advance the quality of its research output. Analysis of the latest totals shows consistent improvement in quality of journal output over the past seven years.

The figures below reflect not only an increase in total journal output, but improved quality as measured by a rise in B, A and A* level articles and a reduction in C level articles.


Figure 1: Faculty Journal Output 2007-2013            


Figure 2: Journal Output Trends 2007-2013

In 2007, the Faculty's journal output totalled 59, of which 27% were in A and A* journals. Total journal output for 2013 shows an increase to 91, of which 40% were in A and A* journals (as depicted in figure 3).


Figure 3: Percentage A/A* Journal Output 2007 vs 2013

This improvement is occurring in both schools with the Law School achieving 38% A/A* output and the Business School achieving 40% A/A* output. Assistant Dean, Research, Associate Professor Jim Jose, commented on the numbers, "Many people have worked very hard over the past few years to achieve this improvement in research quality. This is extremely encouraging for the ongoing development of the Faculty's research culture".

The Faculty is proud of these trends and is looking forward to the momentum increasing this year.