AACSB Update

The Faculty's progress towards achieving accreditation with AACSB is continuing on its successful path. The Faculty received notification from the AACSB Initial Accreditation Committee that the Progress Report submitted in March 2014 was accepted. The next stage of the process is to submit our second Progress Report in September 2014. If this is accepted, we will be invited to submit a Self Evaluation Report against the AACSB standards in early 2015. As the Faculty moves through these final stage of the process, it is very important for our success that staff update their NURO publication records regularly. As our submission date draws near, would all staff please ensure that NURO is as up to date as possible by 31 July 2014 so that the data can be captured for the September Progress Report.

 We have also had the opportunity to meet with our AACSB mentor, Professor Peter Lindstrom (St Gallens University, Switzerland) this month. Professor Lindstrom provided some valuable feedback and insight as we move forward to the final stages of this four year process. His feedback, and that of the AACSB accreditation committee, was that the substantial changes and improvements evident in the Faculty, particularly in relation to research and assurance of learning, mean that we are well positioned to achieve accreditation. 

The Faculty website now has a page dedicated to AACSB. It contains information about the process, links to the standards and a copy of the March 2014 progress report.