Conference Funding Applications for 2014

The deadline for Faculty Conference funding in 2014 is 5pm Wednesday 30 April.

  1. Complete the form and include all outputs from previous 2013 and 2012 conferences for which you have received/used any source of Faculty funding.
  2. Get travel quotes from Tracy Agnew and attach to your application.
  3. Attach all required paperwork as perform (i.e. abstract, acceptances, etc.). In cases where some information is not yet available (especially for conferences scheduled towards the end of 2014), applications can still be submitted; funding approval will be provisional and the missing information needs to be forwarded as soon as it is available. No bookings will be made until the missing information is provided.
  4. Please read all of the guidelines for the conference applications and budgets. Note that conference registrations and accommodation rates (if applicable) will only be funded at Early Bird rates. If the Early Bird is missed, the difference in rates will need to be paid by staff and no source of faculty funding can be used for the difference.
  5. All applications require signatures from research mentors/supervisors and the Head of School and must be lodged with Wendy Jones or Kerri Foulds for processing. Please give your Head of School a reasonable time for reviewing and signing your application! Email support from supervisors and HOS can be used in lieu of hard copy signatures (please attach to your application).

Once applications have been received by Wendy or Kerri they will be forwarded to me for formal approval. Apart from point 3; incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant, and will lose their place in the approval queue.

Associate Professor Jim Jose

Assistant Dean Research