Information for Host Organisations

Help us Create a Dynamic Learning Community that Creates Work-ready Graduates.

The Newcastle Business School is seeking organisations to host undergraduate students for an industry placement in Semester 2 2019 as follows:-

Semester 1 - 25 February to 7 June 2020

Semester 2 - 20 July to 30 October 2020

BUSN3002 (Industry Placement) is a course that provides an opportunity for students to undertake 100 hours of workplace experience with a host organisation.

The course is designed to allow students to apply the theories learned throughout their studies, and to build their understanding of contemporary business practices.

It is hoped that by completing this course, and having the opportunity to fully experience working in a business environment, our students will be better prepared for the employment market.

In addition, the placement will enhance a student’s resume, increase their professional networks and enable them to graduate with the skills desired by industry.

Why Host a Student?

It is expected that host organisations will accrue benefit from participating in the program in a number of ways including:

  • Additional human resource capacity for completion of workplace tasks.
  • Opportunity for leadership development of staff as they mentor students.
  • The chance for students to provide fresh insights and new perspectives to challenges with your organisation.
  • Meeting high achieving students and graduates who could be potential future recruits to your organisation or industry.
  • Supporting the development of the next generation of industry professionals.

What discipline can I choose my student from?

Students can do the Industry Placement course as an elective from the Bachelor of Commerce or as part of their major in the Bachelor of Business.  Listed below are the disciplines you can choose form:

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE MAJORS INCLUDE: Accounting, Finance or Economics

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS MAJORS INCLUDE: Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Governance, Policy and Political Economy; Human Resource Management; International Business; Leadership and Management; Marketing; Sports Management; Tourism Management.

Our Expectations of Host Organisations.

As this course is very much about experience-based learning, it is expected that student placements will occur ‘in the workplace’ of the placement organisation, under the guidance of a placement supervisor. The placement supervisor will be a professional with practice-based experience and expertise. They will work with the Course Coordinator and the student to design a workplace experience for the student that supports the course learning outcomes.

The host organisation completes a placement agreement outlining the duties and responsibilities that will be assigned to the student during the placement period, and what the organisation expects the student to learn from these.

The host organisation certifies weekly timesheets/ experience reports filled out by the student and will complete a student evaluation at the conclusion of the placement.

There is no expectation that the students will be paid for the placement or employed by the organisation following the placement.

Information for Organisations Hosting an International Student

1. Employer Cultural Intelligence Handout

2. Employer Working Across Generations Handout

How it Works:

  1. Host organisation decides to participate and the number and type of placements they are able to offer.
  2. Host organisation confirms the duties and responsibilities that will be assigned to the student during the placement period (applicable for each placement) and completes a job description template.
  3. The job description will be placed on CareerHub for students to submit an application direct to the host.
  4. Host organisation reviews the applications and selects a student or students for interview.
  5. If you would like to host an international student, we can identify students who have the best capabilities to fulfil the role and forward their applications direct to you.
  6. Placement is confirmed and commences.

To express an interest in hosting one (or more) of our university students, please complete the online expression of interest form no later than 10 February 2020.


  • 10 FEBRUARY 2020 Final submission of role descriptions to be advertised on Career Hub
  • 21 FEBRUARY 2020 All interviews to have been completed by this date
  • 3 MARCH 2020 Last date for student to commence their work placement
  • 5 JUNE 2020 Latest finish date for 100 hour placement

Thank you for your interest in supporting this development opportunity for our students.

Dr Paul Stolk
Course Coordinator

For further details, please contact
Dr Paul Stolk
02 4921 7729