Faculty Staff Awards

Nominations for the Annual Staff Awards are now open. Awards for professional and academic staff excellence will be presented at the Faculty Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 25th September 2018, to be held at The Conservatorium.

The application criteria for these awards are listed on the following pages. To nominate, you need to complete the nomination form for the award you are applying for.

Process for Nomination

  1. Decide what to nominate for and contact kate.ramzan-levy@newcastle.edu.au for the information pack and nomination form.
  2. All nominations require HOS or Associate Director, Faculty Services endorsement/comment.
  3. All academic, professional staff and students in the Faculty may nominate a staff member who they consider deserving of an award. They can do so by writing directly to the staff member/s involved; the staff member/s may then use the email as evidence or a reference in support of their nomination. Alternatively, those wishing to encourage a person or team to nominate can send an email to kate.ramzan-levy@newcastle.edu.au, explaining why the individual or team is worthy of nomination for a particular award, and asking Kate to pass the information on, anonymously if preferred.
  4. The appropriate nomination form must be completed and submitted to kate.ramzan-levy@newcastle.edu.au. Please check each award as to what date nomination forms are due.

Download the full list of staff awards and their eligibility requirements

Faculty Awards

Collaboration Excellence
ERC Excellence
International Engagement
Professional Staff Excellence
Teaching Excellence
Research Supervision Excellence
Health and Safety Staff Excellence