News and events


  • As a part of ARC activities, CIs Professors Kadambot Siddique and Michael Blakeney, accompanied by Professor Dr Jayashree Krishnankutty, and Dr Rajesh K. Raju, College of Horticulture, KAU, met with rice farmers in the Malappuram and Palakkad districts to discuss the cultivation of traditional rice varieties in May 2019.
  • A workshop was conducted on 30 April 2019 to discuss the interim results of the ARC project and also to meet with research collaborators and key stakeholders in Kerala. Farmers from Malappuram and Palakkad, two of the principal rice producing areas of Kerala, participated in the program.
  • ARC Project team member Rhino Ariefiansyah visited the Rice Festival on 29-30 April in Indonesia. In this festival, AB2TI took the spotlight. AB2TI achieved two new world records by cultivating 90 varieties in the same rice field and also cooking these varieties with aPawan( traditional stove made from clay). By examining activities such as those of AB2TI, the ARC Project is exploring how farmers’ seed saving and exchanging culture helps the farming community to continue their seed stewardship and reduce the dependency on seed industry.
  • As a part of ARC Project activities, an awareness seminar was conducted on 2 February 2019 in the Palakkad District of Kerala. Dr Jayasree Krishnankutty, Professor of Kerala Agricultural University, coordinated the program. In the light of the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001, this program highlighted 51 leading farmers’ experiences with traditional rice varieties in Palakkad District.


  • As a part of the ARC Project activities, an awareness program was conducted on 7 November 2018 in (Thalakkad Panchayat) in Kerala with the dual purpose of aiming to enlighten farmers on new legislative and policy initiatives and also to invite them to share their farming experience.
  • CI Professor Christoph  Antons delivered a public lecture on “Intellectual property, agriculture and Free Trade Agreements” at the Jakarta campus of Gadjah Mada University on 14 September. The presentation was hosted and introduced by Professor  M Hawin of the Gadjah Mada Law Faculty. He was speaking at a panel on ICH Safeguarding and IP protection.
  • CI Professor Christoph Antons was a keynote speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Law, Governance and Globalization organised by the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, Surabaya on 28 August 2018.
  • CIs Professors Kadambot Siddique and Michael Blakeney met farmers at  Kerala, India in April 2018.


  • CI Professor Christoph Antons and Research Assistants Adline Prihandiani and Sinta Uli visited the Center for Rice Research (Balai Besar Penelitian Tanaman Padi) in Sukamadi and NGOs in Jakarta and Bogor in December 2017.
  • Research Assistants Adline Prihandiani and Sinta Uli conducted fieldwork in Bangodua district of Indramayu on 12-16 October 2017.
  • CI Professor Yunita Winarto and Research Assistants Adline Prihandiani and Sinta Uli conducted field research at Central Java (Karang Anyar), Indonesia in September 2017.
  • CIs Professors Christoph Antons, Yunita Winarto and Dr Greg Acciaoli met farmers at Indramayu, Indonesia in July 2017.