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Newcastle Law School is an international centre for law research. We deliver innovative and world-class research that builds upon the clinical work undertaken by our University Legal Centre and collaborative research partnerships with business, industry and government in our region, across the nation and internationally. Our academic staff engage in academic, as well as applied and evidence-based research that focuses on promoting local, national and international access to justice. They publish consistently in top national and international journals, contribute to policy reform by providing submissions and expert evidence to government inquiries, and have been the recipients of grants of prestigious funding by the Australian Research Council, as well as other government and private sector research grants.

Professor Tania Sourdin

Professor Tania Sourdin

Professor Tania Sourdin’s career has spanned the globe as a consultant and specialist expert in a range of complex programs across the justice sector.

Associate Professor John Anderson

Dr Anderson practised exclusively in criminal law and reached the position of senior solicitor/advocate in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) before changing to an academic career.

Associate Professor Neil Foster

Associate Professor Foster's primary research interests include Torts (civil liability for wrongs) and Occupational (Workplace) Health and Safety Law.

About Newcastle Law School

Newcastle Law School is Australia’s leading clinical law school. Our distinctive Practice Program integrates the academic study of law with hands-on clinical experience and practical training.

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