Program Aims

The aims and objectives of the program are to:

  • Learn substantive areas of law and the practice of law in an integrated and incremental model over the two year program. Develop high level skills in interviewing, legal analysis and synthesis, research, drafting, dispute resolution, decision making, negotiation and advocacy while at the same time displaying high standards of professionalism.
  • Provide real problem based learning experiences to enhance the capacity to solve clients' legal problems.
  • Undertake public interest advocacy, justice project and human rights cases seeing first hand where there has been a miscarriage of justice or other serious failure in the administration of justice or a serious wrong which is unlikely to be properly redressed by the legal system without public interest advocacy.
  • Provide an intensive clinical placement at the University of Newcastle Legal Centre to undertake in-depth client casework.
  • Develop a deep awareness of the barriers clients face in accessing justice and provide opportunities to be exposed to the legal and social issues which provide a context for the practice of law.