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New opportunities

The Newcastle Business School offers a unique opportunity for you to become a skilled professional, encounter new ideas, establish new friendships, and identify future opportunities. Our academic and professional staff will help you in all your endeavours.

Encouraging student potential

The development of your knowledge and skills begins as soon as you join the Newcastle Business School. We host an orientation program to introduce you to University life and acquaint you with academic standards. We provide student mentors, duty tutors, and academic skills support to help you reach your potential.

Transferable skills

As well as their discipline-based content and professional expertise, our courses emphasise communication, independent study skills, awareness of cultural differences, and activities to foster your powers of analysis and creativity. Overall our courses aim to cultivate employability skills, which also include teamwork, problem solving, ethical decision- making, planning and organising, and effective use of technology.

I take great pride in inviting you to study with us so that you may achieve an internationally recognised qualification.