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The University of Newcastle and Greater Bank have established a five year partnership to build financial literacy in the community. With our combined strengths in education, banking, community engagement and regional focus, the partnership between Greater Bank and the Newcastle Business School provides community education programs and experiential facilities that support informed financial decision making when it comes to managing money.

Located on level one of the University’s new state of the art CBD vertical campus, the Greater Bank Finance Lab is a hands-on learning environment, enabling University of Newcastle Business School students to build their skills in financial decision making, risk management and economic systems, before they graduate. The Greater Bank Finance Lab will also host community finance clinics.

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The University and Greater Bank are partnering to bring a financial literacy education program to 25 high schools across the Hunter, Central Coast and Northern NSW areas. Called the Greater Bank Finance Academy, the program combines the latest theories on why financial literacy is decreasing across the community, as well as practical examples of what young people need to think about as they plan for their future.

If you are interested in running the Greater Bank Finance Academy at your High School, please contact Debby Hicks, Outreach Officer, at or 4921 5686.

Hosted by the University and Greater Bank staff, these short courses, open to the community, provide the latest data on how community attitudes to money are changing and share information on financial topics that people of all ages need to consider when managing their money, including simple strategies on saving, reducing debt and how to avoid being scammed.

Greater Bank Finance Lab

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