Marketing Seminars

Love at first sight: the role of
option attachment in comparison
of anticipatory experience
Fred Chao27.11.15Dr YuChen Hung, UON
Telling the truth about WOM:
the effect of construal mindsets
Fred Chao30.10.15Dr Sonia Vilches-Montero,
Is Starbucks a Role Model for Achieving Firm Performance?

SSP Reflections

Analyzing Health Service Stakeholder Networks Using Social Media Data
Fred Chao25.09.15Prof Hartmut H Holzmuller
Chair of Marketing
TU Dortmund University, Germany

Dr Jamie Carlson, UON

Jessica Wyllie, Ben Lucas and
Dr Jamie Carlson
How to get Published in the Journal of Product Innovation ManagementFred Chao28.08.15        10.00am
PVC Meeting Room

2.00pm SR117 to talk with staff and students about her research and publications
Prof Angela Paladino
Professor in Marketing
Director, Centre for Excellence of Learning & Teaching
Associate Editor: Journal of Product Innovation Management
Faculty of Business and Economics
The University of Melbourne
From Syria to Selfie: use and
socio-cultural appropriation of
smartphones by British South
Asian young adults
Fred Chao31.07.15Dr Ameet Pandit, UON
Tom Chen presentationFred Chao26.06.15Dr Tom Chen, UON
Permission email marketing
and its influence on online
shopping value
Fred Chao29.05.15Dr Fred Chao, UON
Enhancing Phonetic Symbolism
Effects in Children through
Phonological Awareness Priming
Fred Chao24.04.15Dr Stacey Baxter, UON
Ethnic marketing sensitivity -
reconciling dogmatism with
Fred Chao26.03.15Associate Prof
Guilherme Pires. UON
Service logic in practice: collaboration
and value creation amongst goat
farmers in Indonesia
Fred Chao27.02.15Prof Alison Dean, UON