Accounting, Finance and Economics

Head of Disciplinary Team 
Professor Abul Shamsuddin
(02) 4921 6118

Accounting and Finance takes pride in its close association with employers and professional associations and ensures that its courses maintain relevance in a complex business world. Our courses are designed to provide accreditation with the major professional bodies in accounting and finance, including CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We offer rigorous courses in all the major accounting areas including:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Auditing and Assurance Services
  • Major Finance areas of Corporate Finance and Investments

Our graduates also have a strong understanding of general business areas, enabling them to provide strategic as well as financial advice.

As a result our graduates are highly sought after - locally, nationally and internationally.

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Accounting Academics

Asit Bhattacharyya(02) 4921 6890
Sudipta Bose(02) 8262 6406
Bo Bae Choi(02) 4921 5011
Karen Handley(02) 4349 4468
Laura Luo(02) 82626417
Marcus Rodrigs(02) 4921 5993
Kala Saravanamuthu(02) 4921 7226
Michael Seamer(02) 4921 5992
Sue Wright(02) 4985 4397
Christine Yap(02) 4921 5063
Jackie (Lee Ken) Yong
(02) 8262 6411

Finance Academics

Steve Easton(02) 4921 5040
Van Le(02) 4921 8798
Doowon Lee(02) 4921 8620
Adrian Melia(02) 4921 7736
0470 669 788
Van Vu(02) 4913 8049

Economics is a pathway to a number of stimulating and relevant professions in which there are plenty of well-paid opportunities. You will be able to engage in exciting and creative analyses of real-world problems such as sustainable economic growth, economic management, and climate change. Economics courses are provided on an inter-Faculty basis by the Newcastle Business School. Economics courses form a major in the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Social Science.

The major is delivered with a combination of problem-based learning and traditional teaching. Real world problems form the basis for the teaching of key principles of economic analysis and a range of sophisticated techniques of data and graphical analysis. The combination of courses taught in the major together with the core courses of the Bachelor of Commerce support the development of advanced skills and focused knowledge essential for your employment success.

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Economics Academics

Frank Agbola(02) 4921 2048
Morris Altman(02) 4921 7987
Janet Dzator(02) 4921 5074
(02) 4921 8842
James Juniper(02) 4921 7491
Darren McKay(02) 4921 5024
Andrew Nadolny(02) 4921 7939
David Savage(02) 4033 9149
Martin Watts(02) 4921 7911
James (Xiaohe) Zhang(02) 4921 5034

Politics and International Relations Academics

Jim Jose(02) 4921 5026
Sara Motta(02) 4921 5020
Tod Moore(02) 4921 5072
(02) 4921 5067