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Newcastle Business School Postgraduate Studies

Whether you're interested in boosting your income, gaining recognition in your industry, or wanting flexible study, Postgraduate Business offers a range of specialty postgraduate business coursework programs that allow you to further refine your skills and increase their worth in the labour market.

Building the business leaders of tomorrow

As one of the first institutions in Australia to offer an MBA, we take pride not only in our legacy of innovative teaching and learning, but also in our role in developing future leaders in business. We've built on our pioneering teaching method of problem-based learning and tailored it to today's workplace by teaching skills such as leadership, cultural sensitivity, presentation and debating as part of our programs. Our programs are designed to deliver these crucial business skills in a real-life, practical setting.

Get connected to a global business network

With a student body that incorporates a balance of international and domestic students, studying at the Newcastle Business School encourages the development of an international and local network of peers. Connecting with peers from around Australia and the world, you'll open up opportunities for business and personal experiences both during your study and beyond. Our strong alumni network helps you to maintain and build upon these links after you have finished study.

Benefit from our city location and facilities

Our campus is located in the city of Newcastle, which allows for easy access to lectures and study facilities if you're a studying professional, as well as access to a number of social activities for the vibrant lifestyle of a full-time student. As the only university in the region, you'll enjoy the benefit of our strong connection to the corporate community - a relationship that translates into real-world learning experience through collaborative seminars, conferences and professional practice opportunities.

With the majority of teaching staff on campus, twenty-four hour access to computer labs and study room facilities as well as comprehensive orientation sessions to welcome new students back into university life, the option of studying face-to-face at the Newcastle Business School will meet your every need.

Student Assistance

Download your 2016 Student Manual here

The Newcastle Business School provides its own on-site written skills support program, the Skills Enhancement Program. SEP is coordinated by Jo Killmister, who can be found in UNH314 at University House Tuesday to Thursday and in SRS243 on Fridays. Contact Jo on 4921 5560 at City campus, 4921 5020 at Callaghan, online at Jo.Killmister@newcastle.edu.au or just drop in if you see she's free.

The Newcastle Business School Peer Mentor Program has been running since 2008. To enquire about the program send an email to Postgraduate-NBS@newcastle.edu.au.

New Opportunities

The Newcastle Business School offers a unique opportunity for you to become a skilled professional, encounter new ideas, establish new friendships, and identify future opportunities. See more information about our degrees. Our Academic and professional staff will help you in all your endeavours.

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