Hunter Research Foundation Centre

Across the region and across the globe, communities face major challenges as they navigate the shift from traditional industries, such as resources and manufacturing, to globally-positioned, knowledge-based economies.

The city of Newcastle and the Hunter region are examples of such a transition. They are looking to grow and attract new business, to undertake real economic and social transformation.

The Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) Centre helps to support such transitions by informing industry, government and the community with a sound base of socio-economic research. The Centre’s focus is providing rigorous, independent engaged research and analysis that is readily understood and clear in its implications.

The Centre, lead by the Chair in Applied Regional Research Professor Will Rifkin, represents a partnership forged between the long-standing Hunter Research Foundation and Newcastle’s world-class university. The multi-disciplinary Hunter Research Foundation Centre can now draw on academic expertise to support analysis, decision-making, and innovation across sectors including health, engineering, energy and the environment.

The Centre works with enterprises large and small, local and international.  Its work fundamentally informs and guides communities and regions undergoing profound change. The Centre is undertaking an initiative to develop new methods of measuring – combining traditional tools with big data (e.g., phone call and credit purchase volumes) and biophysical evidence (e.g., population biomarkers).

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