Article 123

Where other laws stipulate otherwise on contracts, such provisions shall govern.

Article 124

For contracts not explicitly regulated by the Specific Provisions of this Law or other laws, the General Provisions of this Law shall apply, and the most similar provisions in the Specific Provisions of this Law or other laws may concurrently be used as reference.

Article 127

The administrative departments for industry and commerce and other relevant competent administrative departments shall, within the scope of their respective duties and powers and in accordance with the law, be responsible for the supervision and treatment of the illegal activities endangering the State's interests and the social and public interests by making use of contracts; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated pursuant to law.


Article 4.101 (ex art. 6.101) - Matters not Covered 207

Article 4.101 (ex art. 6.101) - Matters not Covered 207

This Chapter does not deal with invalidity arising from illegality, immorality or lack of capacity.

Article 426. Public Contract.

1. A contract concluded by a commercial organization and establishing its duties relating to the sale of goods, performance of jobs, or providing of services which such organization by the character of its activity must effectuate with respect to everyone who has recourse to it (retail trade, carriage by common-use transport, communications services, electric power supply, medical, hotel servicing, and so forth) shall be deemed to be a public contract.

A commercial organization shall not have the right to prefer one person to another with respect to the conclusion of a public contract except in the instances provided for by a law or other legal acts.

2. The price of goods, jobs, and services, as well as other conditions of a public contract shall be established identical for all consumers except in instances when the granting of privileges for individual categories of consumers is permitted by a law and other legal acts.

3. A refusal of a commercial organization to conclude a public contract when it has possibilities to provide the respective goods or services to the consumer or to perform the respective job for him shall not be permitted.

In the event of an unjustified evasion by a commercial organization from the concluding of a public contract, the provisions provided for by Article 445(4) of this Code shall apply.

4. In instances provided for by a law, the Government of the Russian Federation may issue rules binding upon the parties when concluding and performing public contracts (standard contracts, regulations, etc.).

5. The conditions of a public contract which do not meet the requirements established by points 2 and 4 of this Article shall be null.