The University of Newcastle, Australia

Industry professionals

By becoming a member of the Empower network, you will have the opportunity to inspire and motivate (and be inspired and motivated by) a community of young women, who will become our future leaders. We ask you to join the network to share your experiences, achievements, successes and challenges with the next generation of women professionals.

Why be part of the Empower Network?

You will benefit from:

  • Networking with other senior managers in the public and private sectors
  • Knowing that your contribution will assist in the development of women leaders of the future
  • Learning from the next generation as you share ideas and experiences with all members.

As an Industry Professional member of the EMPOWER Network you have the option to:

  • Attend the Empower Network events (up to 4 in the year) that are designed to provide a platform for connection with university students and other industry professionals. We aim for these events to create the opportunity for informal connections to be made, either through coffee catch ups, shadowing, a workplace visit, or by identifying other professionals a students could also talk to (referring them to a colleague).
  • Participate in the schools component of the program
    • Visit a school to speak to young women students involved in the program about your own career journey*
    • Attend a university event where you would be asked to speak or be part of a panel, sharing your experiences with High School students.*
  • Provide a profile for the Empower social network and participate in the social network (consisting of high school and university students and other industry professionals.)

*Please note: you will be advised of the dates and will have the option based on availability to accept or decline.


My law firm Sparke Helmore Newcastle Office is very committed to Empower and this is shown in its support of the program over many years, led by our exceptional Human Resources team. I have been very pleased to be a Mentor over several years. My goal is to demonstrate to students what a welcoming and inspiring place a law practice is to work in. Also, that law firm staff focus on values and have a strong commitment to social justice and community in much of our work.

I also share with students my own work experiences and that of my friends and colleagues, in addition to a focus on developing capabilities that empower the students to ‘open doors’ through strong professional presentation and practice in recruitment steps including resumes and interviews.

I loved being a part of the Empower Mentor program. I learned so much from Zhengyu. We shared knowledge, stories and laughter. She was a wonderful mentee and assisted with several events and projects.

I think the program not only offers opportunities for helping and paying forward. The reverse mentoring opportunities are wonderful. We can all learn from each other. I am grateful to the program for creating the opportunity - for my mentee and me!

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