The University of Newcastle, Australia

Resources for High School Students

Bored Of Studies - - a good resource to find notes from past years. This site is better for those courses whose syllabus hasn’t changed in the past few years.

HSC in the Holidays – - subject-specific events are held at the University of Newcastle in the holidays before the HSC that can help to brush up on exam questions and what to expect.

Matrix Education - - they have hundreds of blog posts that share tips on subjects such as Maths, English, Physics and just study tips in general!

Matrix Education HSC English Guide - -This study guide breaks down all the different sections within the HSC English exam, at all levels. It also provides practice questions and exams.

Tutoring – there are lots of online tutoring sites and companies in Newcastle that can assist with a little extra help in the lead up to the HSC. All you need to do is search online!