2018 Second Cities: Smaller and Smarter Symposium

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About the inaugural 2018 Symposium

Second Cities: Smaller and Smarter provides an international platform for airing and contesting leading contemporary thought in urban and regional planning and development. The symposium showcases Greater Newcastle’s experience and potential on its journey to becoming a global ‘second city’. It also offers the opportunity to explore aspects of the important city-region nexus of economic flows, and travel for work and recreation.

Drawing on local, national and global expertise, the symposium provides a forum for analysing, debating and informing thinking on the evolution of second cities toward a state characterised by resilience, sustainability and liveability. It explores innovation and disruption in urban design, city and regional planning, economic development, technology development, health, education, innovation, liveability and wellbeing.

2018 Keynote Speakers and Panel Members included:
  • Bernard Salt, Social commentator and demographer, The Demographics Group
  • Michael Pascoe, Economic and finance commentator
  • Sander van Amelsvoort, President Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Australia and Director of Policy and Research, Committee for Melbourne
  • Michael Nolan, Director UN Global Compact Cities Programme
  • Dr Tim Williams, Cities Leader for Arup in Australasia
  • Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director, Cities Leadership Institute
  • Tim O’Loan, Director of Cities Melbourne, AECOM
  • David Warburton, Former CEO of Auckland Transport, and Chair of Advisors to the Managing Director at Hunter Water
  • Rebecca Casson, Chief Executive Officer, Committee for Geelong
  • Gary White, NSW Chief Planner
  • Professor Kevin Hall, Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President - Global Engagement and Partnerships, University of Newcastle
  • Kyle Loades, Former Chair, NRMA and 2018 Business Leader of the Year - Hunter Business Awards
  • Dr Jim Bentley, Managing Director, Hunter Water
  • Michael Cassel, CEO, Hunter Development Corporation

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