Religious Freedom in a Multicultural World

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Religious freedom promises to be one of the most contested fields of law in the decades to come. But will contesting rights bring more or less freedom to the community at large?

Newcastle Law School and Freedom For Faith were proud to host the 2015 Freedom of Religion Conference - Religious Freedom in a Multicultural World

Religious freedom is widely recognised as a fundamental right protected by international human rights documents. But academics, legal experts and policy makers continue to debate the legitimate scope of this right and related rights in a multicultural world. The purpose of this conference was to develop and articulate the case for freedom of religion, speech, conscience and association, and to explore what may be regarded as lawful limitations of these freedoms, in Australia and our world today.


25 September 2015


9am - 5:00pm


The Life Sciences Lecture Theatre, University of Newcastle (Callaghan Campus)

The event featured papers presented by leading experts in this field, including a keynote address by Tim Wilson, the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, and papers presented by other academic commentators and policy makers. Please follow this link to see the Conference News Review

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Under the NSW rules governing "Continuing Professional Development" for solicitors, this event may qualify as a seminar or conference to allow the claiming of 6 CPD points. If you assess that it is relevant to your immediate or long-term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of the law, then you can claim the activity towards satisfaction of the CPD requirements.