Past CCIS-CE Main Theme and Special Issue

CCIS-CE 2015 Symposium Main Theme: Transcending and bridging co-creation and engagement

Over the past decade, research addressing the concepts of co-creation and customer engagement has increasingly taken a predominant role in marketing literature. Both concepts reflect a changing paradigm in marketing thought, with an emphasis on interaction and experiences in broader service networks. However, as the literature on both concepts develops further there is a high degree of convergence. Conceptual and empirical research into co-creation and engagement, has reached an important juncture. It is important for the discipline to determine and articulate the distinction between these closely aligned concepts, explore their interplay, and understand their distinct and combined influence. Only then can we further understand the customer experience through the conceptualisation of engagement and co-creation.

CCIS-CE 2015 Special Issue

Transcending and bridging co-creation and engagement: conceptual and empirical insightsJodie ConduitTom Chen (pp. 714 - 720)

Usage center – value cocreation in multi-actor usage processes

Michael KleinaltenkampCarolin PlewaSiegfried GuderganIngo Oswald KarpenTom Chen (pp. 721 - 737)

Dynamic multi-actor engagement in networks: the case of United Breaks Guitars

Loic Pengtao LiBiljana JuricRoderick J. Brodie (pp. 738 - 760)

Engagement platforms in the sharing economy: Conceptual foundations and research directions

Christoph F. BreidbachRoderick J. Brodie (pp. 761 - 777)

Value co-creation behaviour – role of embeddedness and outcome considerations

Gaurangi LaudIngo Oswald Karpen (pp. 778 - 807)

Service-dominant orientation, dynamic capabilities and firm performance

Ralf WildenSiegfried Gudergan (pp. 808 - 832)

Customer engagement in CSR: a utility theory model with moderating variables

Wade JarvisRobyn OuschanHenry J. BurtonGeoffrey SoutarIngrid M. O’Brien (pp. 833 - 853)

Customer engagement with a service provider and context: an empirical examination

Max SimCarolin Plewa (pp. 854 - 876)

Engagement valence duality and spillover effects in online brand communitiesJana Lay-Hwa BowdenJodie ConduitLinda D. HollebeekVilma Luoma-ahoBirgit Apenes Solem (pp. 877 - 897)

Using social media posts as resources for engaging in value co-creation: The case for social media-based cause brand communitiesAnne SorensenLynda AndrewsJudy Drennan (pp. 898 - 922)