Where to from here: history, mission and future of the CCIS-CE symposium

CCIS-CE stands for “Co-creation in service and customer engagement”. The inaugural symposium was born in 2013 and became CCIS-CE in 2015. The mission of our symposium is to foster dialogue and diffuse ideas related to co-creation and engagement. The CCIS-CE symposium has been grateful for ongoing support from several universities including the University of Newcastle, the University of Adelaide, the Freie University Berlin, RMIT University and the University of Auckland. It is a research workshop based event where participants conduct collaborative research based on the theme of the symposium each year.

The symposium facilitators in the past include Professor Christian Grönross (the facilitator of the inaugural CCIS symposium), Professor Rod Brodie and Professor Stephen Vargo who are esteemed researchers in the field.

CCIS-CE Mission

Each year we invite participants worldwide to engage in research activities that help generate new interests and to advance our understanding of co-creation and customer engagement. The CCIS-CE symposium will continue to fulfil its mission by fostering dialogue on co-creation and engagement for theorising and advancing our understanding of service-dominant marketing and market practices.

Further, research on co-creation and engagement has grown enormously in terms of its audience and applied areas, such as health, technology, etc. During the next decade, CCIS-CE will continue to foster thought leadership, and develop the symposium into a premier platform “Building Impact with Research in Co-creation and Engagement”. To realise this, our workshop will cater to the initiation of research collaborations for either research papers or grants.

Building Impact with Research in Co-creation and Engagement

In pursuit of academic excellence, research institutions around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, are encouraging their staff to increase the impact of their work, and to gain funding grants from external providers. By bringing together professors with international reputations and driven academics with expertise in the thematic field, CCIS-CE aims to/ will provide a premier platform to enable the coming together of strong collaborations capable of making successful grant applications, and publishing high quality journals to ensure both participants and their institutions are able to benefit from this important conference.

Past Chairs

Alison Dean & Tom Chen (2013) Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Jodie Conduit & Tom Chen (2015) Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Ingo Karpen, Jodie Conduit & Tom Chen (2016) Berlin, Germany