Co-creation in Service and Customer Engagement Symposium 2018

Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th December 2018
Adelaide Hills Wine Region, Australia

The inaugural symposium was born in 2013 and became CCIS-CE in 2015. It is a SERVSIG affiliated research workshop based event since 2017.

CCIS-CE 2018 Symposium Main Theme

Facilitation in the Engaging World

Continuing the dialogue on co-creation in service, transcending and bridging co-creation and engagement to the micro-foundations of co-creation, this year, we visit the theme, Facilitation in the Engaging World, which is a transcending concept amongst micro, meso and macro level of co-creation (Chen et al. 2018; Grönroos and Ravald 2011). For example, facilitation at a micro-level entails converging actors’ diverse motives and efforts to elevate customers’ operant resources (Hollebeek et al. 2016; Temerak et al. 2018). At a meso-level, it entails enablers of interaction amongst actors from social and network perspectives, such as boundary objects (Sajtos et al. 2018). At a macro-level, facilitation is required for ecosystem coordination and co-evolution (Vargo and Lusch 2016; Beirao et al. 2017). We also recognise the importance of facilitation related to customer engagement (e.g. Vivek et al. 2018). Thus, the symposium is open and welcomes to a wide scope of constructs and ideas expanding and improving our understanding of facilitation in co-creation.

CCIS-CE 2018 Initiative

This year, reflecting the main theme on Facilitation, we open our symposium as a platform for up to two existing collaboration groups to advance their research projects. Please contact the co-chairs for details.

Venue and Location

Mt Lofty House

Adelaide Hills Wine Region (15 – 30 minutes from Adelaide CBD)

Fees & Inclusions

Full Fee 1,200 AUD
Early Bird Fee 1,100 AUD

Including two night accommodations, all meals (including Gala and Celebration Dinners) as well as conference package, social events, and pre-arranged ground (bus) transport between CBD and the event venue

Important Dates

Express of Interest Due: Wednesday 10 October 2018
Abstract submission: TBA
Registration Closes: Wednesday 31 October 2018
CCIS-CE Symposium Dates: Thursday to Saturday 6 – 8 December 2018

Symposium Co-chairs

Marianna Sigala, School of Management, University of South Australia, SA, Australia

Tom Chen, Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia,