Workplace Experience and Professional Preparation Programs: Students

Faculty of Business and Law Partnering with Industry to Develop Career Ready Graduates

Workplace experience that earns you credit towards your program

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) offers students the chance to apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Through participating in the Faculty's WIL courses and programs students complete professional work placement, internship or project-based learning and earn credit towards their degree.

WIL courses and programs available to business, commerce and law students include:

  • Learn from an experienced industry mentor
  • Gain valuable workplace skills
  • Network with women in leadership roles
  • Become a mentor to High School Students

By combining education and mentoring, (E + M = Power), the innovative leadership program aims to empower the participants to make informed decisions regarding their work futures. EMPOWER connects female university students to industry professionals to inspire and inform young women about the study and career opportunities available in Business and Law. This program also gives university students the opportunity to become a mentor to regional high school students.

EMPOWER aims to:

  • Give young women the confidence and strength to navigate and manage their own career development.
  • Create new networks and enable young woman to increase their social capital.
  • Develop networking and business communication skills
  • Expand workplace knowledge sets through experience.
  • Increase the level of attainment achieved in their studies to improve their future study and work outcomes.

Learn more about the Empower program

Gain valuable industry knowledge and career advice

The Alumni Advantage Program is a student engagement program connecting current students with graduates of the University of Newcastle. Each program event provides a forum for our future and current graduates to discuss relevant issues affecting their chosen industry.

Explore real world industry

  • Expose yourself to industries
  • Contribute to your industry knowledge and career opportunities

These visits support students in improving their knowledge of local organisations and what they are looking for in prospective employees.

Gain valuable knowledge of your chosen industry

Industry representatives are invited to participate in guest lectures and presentations that offer the unique perspectives of local organisations.

Gain valuable networking opportunities

The Faculty's student associations coordinate a range of career-focused activities aimed at preparing students for life beyond university. Industry representatives contribute to these activities through participating in industry seminars, networking events, guest presentations and career expos.

Hear from inspiring leaders and get global experience. Great for your CV!

The University of Newcastle's International Leadership Experience and Development (iLEAD) Program is an extra-curricular Leadership Program that enables students to participate in additional activities on top of their regular degree studies. Students that register with iLEAD are invited to take part in a range of experiences including student exchange, international conferences, volunteering, internships and community work.

Generous financial assistance is available to students interested in international opportunities.

Learn more about iLead.

Learn about employment opportunities

  • Direct face-to-face contact with industry professionals

The UoN Careers Service can link students to employers through targeted advertising of employment opportunities, careers expos and on-campus information sessions or interviews.

Learn more about the UoN Careers Service.

UoN BusCom is a growing not-for-profit student association with over 500 members and 14 corporate and local partnerships. An integral part of the university and broader Newcastle community, BusCom facilitates communications between its members, affiliated companies and the Newcastle Business School; through their professional, social and sporting events.

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The University of Newcastle Students’ Association (UNLSA) has promotes the interests of Newcastle Law Students within the University, the legal profession and the wider community. The UNLSA aims to provide law students with the best access to relevant information, educational experiences and peer support.

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The UoN Economics Society aims to promote and support the field and study of economics. Their purpose is to support students and members in their career choices and transitions, as well as to advocate for students with the University and other stakeholders.

Learn more about the  UoN Economics Society

Volunteer at parties, gigs, charity events, Watt Space Art Gallery, UoN's community gardens and more

A range of volunteering opportunities are offered to UoN students.

For more information, or to get involved with any of these programs please contact:

Communications and Engagement
Faculty of Business and Law