Faculty of Business and LawFaculty of Business and Law

Faculty Executive

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Head of Faculty, Assistant Deans, and Directors

Professor Tony Travaglione
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean
Phone: (02) 4921 7979
Email: Tony.Travaglione@newcastle.edu.au

Professor John Anderson
Deputy Head of Faculty
Phone: (02) 4921 7099
Email: John.Anderson@newcastle.edu.au

Professor Johanna Macneil
Assistant Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Phone: (02) 4921 6471
Email: Johanna.Macneil@newcastle.edu.au

Professor Jim Jose
Assistant Dean (Research and Engagement)
Phone: (02) 4921 5026
Email: Jim.Jose@newcastle.edu.au

Dr Antony Drew
Assistant Dean (International - Recruitment and Academic Partnerships)
Phone: (02) 4921 2099
Email: Antony.Drew@newcastle.edu.au

Associate Professor Frank Agbola
Assistant Dean (Higher Degree Research Training)
Phone: (02) 4921 2048
Email: Frank.Agbola@newcastle.edu.au

Dr Doowon Lee
Assistant Dean (International – Strategy and Programs)
Phone: (02) 4921 8620
Email: Doowon.Lee@newcastle.edu.au
Professor Lisa Toohey
Assistant Dean (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)
Phone: (02) 4985 4145
Email: lisa.toohey@newcastle.edu.au
Kate Ramzan
Associate Director Faculty Services
Phone: (02) 4921 7971
Email: Kate.Ramzan@newcastle.edu.au

Heads of School, Deputy Heads of School, and Executive Officers

Professor Abul Shamsuddin
Dean and Head of School, Business (Acting)
Phone: (02) 4913 8155
Email: Abul.Shamsuddin@newcastle.edu.au

Professor Tania Sourdin
Dean and Head of School, Law
Phone: (02) 4921 5839
Email: Tania.Sourdin@newcastle.edu.au

Bronwyn Green
Executive Officer, Business
Phone: (02) 4921 5996
Email: Bronwyn.Green@newcastle.edu.au

Rachel Brien
Executive Officer, Law
Phone: (02) 4921 5839
Email: Rachel.Brien@newcastle.edu.au

Associate Professor Frank Agbola
Deputy Head of School, Business (Research) 
Phone: (02) 4921 2048
Email: Frank.Agbola@newcastle.edu.au
Professor Lisa Toohey
Deputy Head of School (Research)
Phone: (02) 4985 4145
Email: Lisa.toohey@newcastle.edu.au

Dr Kevin Sobel-Read
Deputy Head of School
Phone: (02) 4921 6613
Email: Kevin.Sobel-Read@newcastle.edu.au