Research Newsletter October 2016


A number of new refereed journal articles have been published by academics from the Centre. Recently three new articles were published which stemmed from research undertaken through the “Breaking the barriers: Supporting and engaging mature age first-in-family university learners and their families” Office for Learning and Teaching funded seed grant.
Brosnan, C., Southgate, E., Outram, S., Lempp, H., Wright, S., Saxby, T., Harris, G., Bennett, A., & Kelly, B. (2016). Experiences of medical students who are first in family to attend university. Medical Education, 50(8), 842-851.
May, J., Delahunty, J., O’Shea, S. & Stone, C. (2016). Seeking the Passionate Career: First-in-Family Enabling Students and the Idea of the Australian University. Higher Education Quarterly, DOI: 10.1111/hequ.12104
May, J. (2016) History-in-the-round: oral history, memory and praxis for small scale oral history projects. In Trškan, Danijela (ed.) (2016) Oral history education: dialogue with the past. 1st ed. Ljubljana: Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO. ISBN 978-961-93589-4-8.
O’Shea, S., Stone, C., Delahunty, J. & May, J. (2016). Discourses of betterment and opportunity: exploring the privileging of university attendance for first-in-family learners. Studies in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2016.1212325.
Stone, C., O’Shea, S., May, J., Delahunty, J., & Partington, Z. (2016). Opportunity through online learning: Experiences of first-in-family students in online open-entry higher education. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 56(2), 146-169.


Congratulations to Dr Anna Bennett, Catherine Burgess, Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer, Dr Sara Motta, Professor Jim Albright, Dr Bronwyn Relf, and Dr Emma Hamilton for the successful Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education ‘Enabling Pedagogies and Transitions’ commissioned project application. The team will be undertaking research of vital importance to our Centre.

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