July Research Newsletter

Research News July 2016

2016 ELFSC Research Awards

Congratulations to the following recipients of awards in the recent ELFSC Research Awards:

Research Excellence Award

Dr Bronwyn Relf

Best Publication Award

Cathy Burgess

RHD Grant

Rosalie Bunn

Deanna McCall

The research awards were established to acknowledge the contribution to research that is made by academic and professional staff within the Centre. Dr Bronwyn Relf was acknowledged for her outstanding contribution to research within the Centre, in particular, her work in leading the OLT funded project “Lighting the Path(way): Articulating curriculum design principles for open access tertiary enabling programs”. She was also acknowledged for her collaborative projects around group work, and preparation of Open Foundation students for nursing degrees.

Cathy Burgess received the Best Publication Award recognising her publication titled: Integrating assessment to Promote Engagement in An Introductory Chemistry Laboratory (full citation: Burgess, C., Yeung, A., Sharma, M. (2015). Integrating assessment to Promote Engagement in An Introductory Chemistry Laboratory. International Journal of Innovation In Science and Mathematics Education, 23(2), 74 - 91). This publication resulted from a study organised in collaboration with the Chemistry department at the University of Newcastle. The study was also the focus of Cathy’s 2015 SSP in which she was supported and mentored by academics from the Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Sydney. Cathy has also presented this research at events such as the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute (RACI) Symposium which was held at Monash University.
Deanna McCall and Rosalie Bunn also received grants to assist with aspects of their Higher Degree Research projects.


ELFSC is offering staff the opportunity to attend a 2 day in house statistics and quantitative research training course. The course will be held at the Callaghan campus on Thursday 21 July (MCG61) and Friday 22 July 2016 (CT314).

The course will be presented by Nic Croce, Kim Colyvas and Fran Baker from the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

The course will cover:
* Study and sampling designs
* Questionnaire design
* How to analyse data

The course will utilise SPSS to analyse data and an SPSS software guide and workbook will also be made available to participants.

This course will provide an overview of the fundamental elements that should be considered when designing and analysing quantitative research projects.

Please RSVP to helen.cameron@newcastle.edu.au asap if you are interested in attending.

FABENZ Conference

The 2016 FABENZ Conference will be held on the 1st and 2nd December 2016 at the Unitec Institute of Technology, Mt Albert, Auckland.

The theme for the conference is Accessibility, Flexibility and Equity.
Abstracts are due on 29 July 2016. Please visit http://www.fabenzconference2016.com/ for more details.

Reminder: Research Activity

Research Image

Don’t forget to let Helen Cameron, Research Manager (helen.cameron@newcastle.edu.au) of any new publications, grants or other research activity within the Centre. Helen keeps details of research activity being undertaken within the Centre in order to inform the planning of research training opportunities and to keep track of research outputs.

Details of activity that are kept are:

* Citations for any publications that ELFSC staff have authored or co-authored;
* Details of any conference presentations that ELFSC staff may have undertaken;
* Details of any grants that ELFSC staff may have received (or collaborated on); and
* Details of any committees, editorial boards or the like that ELFSC staff are a member of.

Please also let Helen know if you are undertaking a PhD or a Research Masters.

Upcoming conferences

Unitec Institute of Technology, Mt Albert, Auckland, 1-2 December 2016
Details available on the Fabenz conference website (http://fabenzconference2016.com/ ). Abstracts due 29 July 2016.