2013 Approved and Active Projects

Strategic Projects Status Report Summary

Subject to confirmation
 Project Status Project Manager
 Academic Integrity Module (Discovery only)  Discovery  Susan Fuller
 Asset Replacement 2012  Delivery  Terry Punch
 Contract Management System Interfaces  On hold
 Disaster Recovery (Phase 3)  Discovery  Bruce Jones
 External Website  Discovery  Barbara Iwinska
 Graduation Management  Discovery  
 Identity Management  Close  Terry Punch
 Internet Access Management  Delivery  Susan Fuller
IT Asset Replacement  Terry Punch
 Lecture Vod & Podcasting  Managed support  Paul Berude
 NUSTAR Landscape Remediation  Discovery  Scott McKenzie
 Program and Course Design (Discovery only)  Discovery  
 Research & Academic Web Presence  Not started  
 Research Animal Management System  Close  Chad Coutman
 Research Computing Asset Replacement    Ossie Richards
 Research Information Management System (Phase 3b)  Delivery  Richard Maher
 Research Publications  Delivery  
 Research Storage (Stage 2)  Initiation  
 RHD Progress Reporting  Discovery  Scott Holmes
 Space Management  Initiation  Jo Humphris
 Staff Email  Discovery  Allan Waddell
 Staff Portal  Not started
 Strategic Performance Management  Discovery  Kelly Burns
 Strategic performance Management (Phase 2)    Ann Young
 Student Portal  Discovery  
 Wireless Augmentation  Initiation  Terry Punch
 Wireless Printing (Phase 1)  Not started  
Financial Services POW:  
 Enterprise Asset Management Project  Initiation  Leisa Neilson
 Purchase Cards, Travel & Expense Project  Initiation  Leisa Neilson
 Implementation of Catalogues Project  Not started  Leisa Neilson