The Space Planning and Management unit serves as the central repository for information regarding the university's institutional space. This information comes in many different forms including buildings data available from the UoNSpace system, drawing files, data and other documents maintained in the plan room.

We strive to maintain the most accurate possible institutional space data and make that data available to the university community as a resource for making decisions that positively impact our university. In addition to maintaining the data, Space Management works closely with Capital Development and Strategic Asset Planning units to use the data to make the best possible decisions regarding the university's built environment.
Space Planning and Management's key goals are to provide expert advice on the management of the University's space in terms of recommended spatial allocations, utilisation analysis and accommodation planning strategies and to develop and maintain the University's space management system and AutoCad drawings database.

Services provided:

  • Preparation of short-to-medium term (1-5 year) accommodation planning strategies for the University.
  • Advice on spatial allocation and space standards
  • Space modeling
  • Space utilisation analysis
  • Maintenance and documentation of all site and floor plans of all University occupied buildings, grounds and leased accommodation.

During 2013 IFS implemented Archibus as the University's Space Management System